Traffic Exchange Marketing Tips

Here are five tips for successfully promoting your business on traffic exchanges.

Use Splash Pages

Promote your business with a captivating splash page to catch the surfers attention. On a traffic exchange visitors will see your page for a very short period of time. A well designed and fast loading splash page will increase the chances of catching the surfers attention.

Build Your List

Instead of linking to your site, get surfers to sign up to your e-mail list. To get more new subscribers it can be a good idea to offer something for free, for example an e-book with tips and strategies on online marketing. One advantage of building your list is that even if the visitor is not interested in your offer, you can promote other offers to the same user at a later time.

Track Your Results

Use software to track your visitors, clicks and sign ups so you know which splash pages and traffic exchanges give you the best results.

Build Your Downline

Most traffic exchanges allow you to earn credits by referring new users. Usually you get a small percentage, 5%-20% of the credits from your referrals. By building your downline you can increase the amount of credits you earn (and the number of visitors to your site), without having to spend more time surfing.

Don't Give Up

Building a business is hard work and takes a lot of time. If you just surf for ten to fifteen minutes per day you are probably not going to be successful. Set a goal of how many pages you want to surf daily and try to reach it every day.