Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a website where members can increase their traffic by visiting each other's sites. The first step to get more visitors to your site is to surf and view the sites of other members to earn credits. Credits you have earned can then be assigned to your site and for every credit you assign you will get one visitor. Credits can also be converted into banner and text ad impressions.

How do I earn credits?

There are two ways to earn credits:

1. Surfing

The rate at which you earn credits depends on how much you surf. The more you surf in a day the better ratio you get. Each day your ratio starts at 0.5 credits for every site you surf, which means that for every 2 sites you surf, you get one visitor back. If you surf over 500 pages in one day, your ratio is increased to 1.0, which means you get one visitor for every site surfed.

Sites surfed today Credits earned per site surfed
Less than 100 0.5 credits
100-199 0.6 credits
200-299 0.7 credits
300-399 0.8 credits
400-499 0.9 credits
500 or more 1.0 credits

2. Refer New Members

The other way to earn credits is by referring new members to When you refer a new member you will get 10% of their life-time earnings from surfing.